Will My Wife Ever Love Me Again?

April 23, 2014

Will My Wife Ever Love Me Again? Some husbands feel trapped in what they perceive to be a loveless marriage. Others  have already separated emotionally from the relationship and may even have had an affair or moved out of the marital home. But if you are a husband who still love your wife and find […]

How Do I Forgive My Cheating Husband

November 8, 2013

How do I forgive my cheating husband is a painful question that many wives have had to ask themselves for centuries. It’s only in recent decades that divorce has really been an option for women whether their husbands cheated or not. While it’s hard to believe in a silver lining right now, the bright and […]

Control Your Jealousy To Get Your Ex Back

October 10, 2013

Why You Must Control Your Jealousy if You Want to Get Your Ex Back … Jealousy can be a huge problems for relationships. The green-eyed monster is especially problematic when we live in a world that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text messaging, instant messaging, email and so many other ways for people to communicate with […]

How To Make Your Woman Feel Like The Queen Of Your World

August 19, 2013

How to make your woman feel like the queen of your world … which of course is what she should be. In just the same way as she should make you feel like the king! Have you ever noticed that even in marriages where the couples seem to have it all — fabulous looks, unlimited […]