Survive The Affair Together Even Before Your Marriage

November 6, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

You can survive the affair together even before your marriage!
At first glance that statement might sound as if am saying
that you or your spouse should plan to cheat or even condone adultery.

That is emphatically not what I am saying!

However, we are human and as such we make mistakes, even one
as painful as an adulterous affair in your marriage.

When you are saying your marriage vows, really pay attention
to what you are promising to do together forever.
Remember that line “for better or for worse”.
Keep it in your mind as you go forward with the marriage.

All of us expect and gladly accept the good in the marriage.
What about when the worse comes along?

Obviously, you would hope never to experience anything as painful
as an affair in your marriage and will do all you can to avoid having
either your partner or yourself commit this transgression.

However, if you both decide ahead of time that nothing except abuse
or death will separate you then you can survive the affair together
theirs or yours.

Will it be easy? Not on your life! Saving your marriage after an
affair will most likely be one of the most difficult things you ever
have to go through in your life.

The feelings of anger, betrayal, hurt and resentment will seem to
overwhelm you and you will want to give up and start over with
someone else.

And if after some time you really feel absolutely unable to see the
challenge through – you might have to end your marriage.
But I caution you to ensure that you have given the effort to save your
marriage all that you have.

Take as much time as you need or are willing to give each other.

Do not be influenced by friends, families or counselors.
You are the expert in your marriage relationship.
By all means seek out unbiased input from individuals who you
trust to be objective and fair minded to the situation.

Here’s How Your Marriage Can Survive And Thrive After Infidelity

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Physical Or Emotional Cheating In Your Marriage

October 7, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Have you experienced the trauma of physical or emotional cheating in your marriage?

Then I am sure you have also read or heard the definitions and distinctions between
the two.

One thing is clear, both of these events inflict immeasurable pain, and depending
on the personality of the victim, they can be equally devastating personally and/or
to the relationship.

The questions have been asked, “What is the difference between emotional and
physical affairs”?
Or, does emotional affairs hurt as much as sexual affairs?

Or, is it cheating if there is no sex”?

For anyone who has experienced the terrible hurt caused by either physical or
emotional cheating in their marriage those questions and others like them are

The only thing these sufferers know for certain is that they are in
unimaginable emotional and psychic pain due to the one-sided action of
someone who they loved (probably still loves)and trusted.

Is is possible to protect your marriage from emotional or physical
Or, to rebuild the relationship if cheating has already happened?

Well, life may seem to hold no 100% guarantees but some efforts
are more than worth the time and energy we put into it.

I believe saving your marriage is worth the effort and hope you do too.

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Break Free From The Affair And Save Your Marriage Forever!

Is Divorce Really Your Only Option?

September 26, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

If you have asked yourself if divorce is really your only option for challenges in your
marriage, then my guess is that you are looking for ways to save your marriage; not
end it.

For many couples divorce seems to come as a knee-jerk reaction to any and all issues
in their relationship.

Sometimes spouses threaten each other with divorce as a means to getting their
own way in the relationship.

I  have asked myself why this is so.

It takes two people to make a marriage work successfully: yet very often it only
takes one to decide to end it.

I am not saying that if one spouse truly wants out that the other spouse can hold them
against their will, or fulfill the marriage commitment on their own.

What often happens though, is that one person proposes divorce and the other partner
becomes hurt and offended, feels rejected and goes along even though that is not what they want.

No matter how egregious the offense “is divorce really your only option”?

If you are committed to doing what it takes to avoid divorce and save your marriage then I


Avoid The Seven Deadly Mistakes A Man Makes After His Woman Cheats.

August 22, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Avoid the seven deadly mistakes a man makes after his woman cheats!

If YOU want to Survive Her AffairAvoid The Seven Deadly Mistakes A Man Makes After His Women Cheats.

Much has been written about how to
survive an affair when the man is the
cheater … but women cheat as well!

So, if your wife has had an affair and you want help to survive the
devastating emotional fallout of being cheated on, then
read on … and discover how to:
avoid the seven deadly mistakes a man makes after his woman cheats

I just found this incredible page that shows you how to recover as fast as possible if you
have discovered that your wife has cheated on you.

New research shows that 91% of men who have been cheated on say it’s the most
difficult experience they have ever gone through.

And because men generally have a challenge in expressing their feelings and emotions
then getting the help they need to cope can be left unmet.

Even “manly” guys are brought to tears when their wife is unfaithful.

When the pain is THIS intense, you need help getting through it.

And there’s no shame in reaching out for help.

This is what Survive Her Affair is about! Helping the male faced with the pain and
rejection of his cheating wife.

That is not to say that this betrayal is worse than a man’s cheating.

It is just that men are often less open about sharing their hurts and even rage in this

Avoid The Seven Deadly Mistakes A Man Makes After His Woman Cheats

Why You Should Not Get Divorced

July 14, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Why you should not get divorced until you have exhausted all other options.

Note: Your can change your heart and change your life to achieve the great
love that you desire.
Read the book by Gary Smalley who is renowned for guiding relationships
back from brokenness.
The Wholehearted Marriage: Fully Engaging Your Most Important Relationship

Very often couples get divorced too precipitiously and then regret it.
Even if the reason you want to divorce is serious; such as an affair or other
non-abusive behavior by you or your partner.

How To Know If You Should Get A Divorce

Don’t let emotions sweep you away on a sea of anger and bitterness.
Infidelity hurts and produces feelings of betrayal and rejection in the victim.

However, you do not want to let your negative emotions lead your reaction to get
a divorce and then realize that you made a mistake.

If there is any love left between to two of you then you should postpone ending
your marriage and work on discovering if re-building your relationship is possible.
Dr. Phil says  he believes that “most Americans are too quick to get divorced”.

He advises that couples should not consider divorce until:

  • They have turned over every stone and investigated all rehabilitation possibilities
  • They ensure that they have no unfinished emotional business
  • They have researched, planned and prepared themselves legally
  • They are ready to adopt a new standard of conduct with their children
  • They are willing to create a new relationship as a co-parent.

Read Dr. Phil’s informative, insightful and instructive article below:
Calling It Quits: Are You Ready For Divorce?


Discover Your Steps To Recovery After Cheating

June 18, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Discover your steps to recovery after cheating has traumatized your marriage; which you will need
whether you are the cheater or the victim.

All the rage and guilt of cheating has to be dealt with in a productive
way if you hope to save the marriage or relationship from further damage.

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In the immediate aftermath of the cheating in your marriage you may not be certain that
you want to stay together, but you want to ensure you take time to decide.

So the best thing to do is to get help in making this decision.

Fortunately for you Dr. Frank Gunzburg has created a proven marriage saving solution
to help you navigate the choppy waters of the relationship after the discovery
or revelation of cheating.

Dr. Gunzburg has helped thousands of couples in his marriage counseling practice.

If  you or your spouse has had an affair and you are struggling to keep from going
insane with:

Then this program solution could help you calm down and survive the affair.
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Desperate Marriages: Moving Toward Hope and Healing in Your Relationship

Couples who want to survive the affair and stay together should ensure that they
resist outside interference from family and friends, no matter how well intentioned
these individuals may be.

No one can truly judge your relationship, except you and your spouse.

The most important steps you can take with each other is to:

  • Communicate with respect
  • Take as much time as you both need

Whatever decision you make about your marriage it should be one you both can live with
and not regret because you felt pressured to look for consensus from others.

Can I Save The Marriage Even If Only I Want To?

June 11, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Can I save the marriage even if only I want to?
Cindy says her marriage is a wreck buried under
years of unresolved anger, resentment and an almost
total lack of trust and respect.

What is worse is that her husband, Marshall, either is
unaware of the situation or doesn’t care.
She is not even sure if he has had an affair because they
just don’t connect on any level.
Read Gary Smalley’s hopeful and helpful book about giving your
marriage one more try before giving up.
One More Try: What to Do When Your Marriage Is Falling Apart

Cindy has awakened to the alarming possibility that she might have
to give up on the marriage if things don’t improve dramatically
and fast.

In other words the status quo must go!

This is the situation that has made her ask, “can I save the marriage even if only
I want to”?

Save The Marriage Even If Only I Want To In The BeginningYou see at this point Cindy is not sure if Marshall is
still interested in either her or their life together.

They have lived separate lives under the same
roof for so long that they have become more like
roommates than spouses.

The only thing Cindy is certain of is that she still
loves Marshall and want to remain married to him.

So, where to begin to save the marriage?

This Save The Marriage program gives four marriage saving myths
that Cindy must avoid:

Myth One:
Learning more communication skills
Sometimes this only helps the couple fight more effectively and hastens
the destruction of the relationship.
Better communication starts in the heart! You start by being honest
with each other . Become vulnerable about your needs, wants, hopes
and dreams.

Myth Two:

There is only one “path” back from the brink of divorce to marital bliss.
Actually, there are eight specific paths and they must taken strategically
to optimize the goal of saving the marriage.
Cindy will need to learn exactly which stage of marriage crisis she is facing
and the steps to take going forward.

Myth Three:

You can’t start saving your marriage by yourself! Not true …
Eventually it will take two to save the marriage; but initially you can get the ball
rolling by using the negative energy in your relationhip to turn things around.

Myth Four:

Time Heals All
This is probably the most damaging myth of all; because it implies that if you
do nothing things will just magically work out.
How has that been working?
Not well and now your marriage is in danger of dying.
It is critical that you step up and start saving your marriage before it gets to a point
of no return.