Is Facebook Hazardous To Your Relationship?

June 6, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Is Facebook hazardous to your relationship and does it encourage cheating?

This question is asked and answered here in the following opinion piece and
study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

One reason that facebook and other social network sites is thought of as encouraging
and enabling cheating is:

  • The ease of connecting with someone new or
  • Reconnecting with an old flame.
  • Plus the anonymity of these contacts

Whether you agree or disagree that facebook is hazardous to your relationship it cannot
be denied that for some people these programs make it easier to cross the line seemingly
without consequence.

Have you asked yourself if facebook is hazardous to your relationship?

What would you do if you discovered that your spouse or romantic partner was
cyber cheating on you?

Read why “Cheating Has Never Been Easier”

Read James Bauer’s Facebook Encourages Cheating Here!

The Huffington Post also did an article about Facebook cheating.

They pose the question “Do you know the signs of a social media affair”?

Stating that “cheating is easier than ever before and that it was a much greater
logistic challenge to cheat before we had texting.”

While these new technologies do not cause cheating, they  complicit in doing so.

Because they are increasingly being used to carry out this devastating betrayal of
one partner in the relationship.

Whether you are a cheater yourself or have a social media cheating spouse maybe
it is time to stop and think about the consequences and ultimate cost to your relationship.


Why Many Marriages Do Not Survive Cheating

May 15, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Many marriages do not survive cheating because of :

  • The false pride of the victimized spouse, and
  • Worrying about what others will think if you work to save the marrige.

Please don’t get me wrong!
I am not condoning cheating and the horrific blow that it can deliver
to the victim and the relationship.

There  are many reasons given by the cheater; but, there is no excuse to be
made for the terrible betrayal of infidelity.
And for some spouses that is just too much to forgive and forget; in that
case all they can do is call it quits.

Ebook To Help Survive An AffairHowever, many more marriages could survive  the affair
if the couple would be left alone to work it through without
the wronged party being made to feel like a fool for wanting
to do so.

This is one of the biggest barriers to success in surviving
cheating in a marriage!
I watched an episode of Family Feud yesterday where the
host Steve Harvey asked the contestants this question:
“What are the reasons that a woman might not leave her cheating husband?”
The third most given answer was because,” She is just plain stupid”!

Does anyone willingly want to be thought of as stupid?
I think not!

So, of course if a woman’s husband has cheated on her and she has
friends who think she would be stupid to stay in the marriage; what do you
think she would do even if she still loves her husband?

Thankfully the number one answer to the Family Feud question above
was that the woman stayed because she still loved her husband.

Marriages are not perfect!
Human beings are not perfect!

That is why the marriage vows say “for better or for worse”.

Couples seem to block those words out of their minds as soon as they utter

Ideally you would never cause each other even one moment of unhappiness
or pain, but that is unlikely.

The best approach is to learn to be forgiving and kind to each other even through
an event as traumatic and heart-breaking as adultery.

Read what the Huffington Post has to say about how your marriage can survive
and thrive after infidelity.

Women cheat too!
Men feel just as hurt when they discover that their wife is cheating.
Even if he still loves her and wants to stay in the marriage he needs help to
cope with the devastating emotional pain caused by her affair.
Normally, he would turn to his wife for support but since  it is her action that
is the direct cause for his pain and suffering it is not his option now.

So, he needs more objective help and solutions.

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Will My Wife Ever Love Me Again?

April 23, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Will My Wife Ever Love Me Again?

Some husbands feel trapped in what they perceive to be a loveless marriage.
Others  have already separated emotionally from the relationship and may
even have had an affair or moved out of the marital home.

But if you are a husband who still love your wife and find yourself wondering,
“Will My Wife Ever Love Me Again”?

Get my wife to love me againThe answer is “Yes” it is possible!
With effort, patience and persistence you can very often
rekindle the loving feelings you onced shared for each

Has you wife told you she doesn’t love?
If she has not, then even though she is behaving cold and
distant towards you then it is possible to warm her up and
bring her close to you again.

Sometimes her reason(s) for acting this way may just be due
to some other personal issues that she is experiencing.
Talk with her and re-assure her that you are there for her no matter what.

Even if she has told you that she doesn’t love you and has even convinced you
of this assertion it is still possible to re-ignite the love she once had for you.

First of all, acknowledge that this disconnect did not come about overnight.
There were warning signs that you ignored or did not read correctly.
So, it will take time to put your relationship back on track.

This will usually be a slow and tentative process requiring respectful, honest
and heartfelt communication.
However, this might not be the first steps to getting your wife to love you
You will first have to listen to what she says she needs to began rebuilding
the love and intimacy in your relationhip.

For example, if your wife is emphatic that she just needs some time or
space, then do not badger her about how you need to start communicating
more. The time for that will come!

She will not feel like talking at this point in time.
Instead, allow her as much time and space as she needs.
Don’t ask her how much time she needs or give her a “deadline”.
Let her know that you are willing to accept this distance for now.
This is an important step for many reasons.

First of all, this concession shows her that you are strong enough to let her go
and go on without her for a while.
Second, it gives her the opportunity to see if she misses having you around.
Remember that you can give her space even if you are living under the same roof.
Treat her as if she is a colleague at work.
Be cordial and courteous, but not intimate.
Being unavailable to her works especially well if you have been begging, clingy or
demanding up to this point.

That type of needy behavior tends to push people away even further.
So now doing the opposite will allow her to compare and experience what it
is like to have you there for her and what it’s like for you to be absent.
This in itself is very powerful.
During your time “off”, make sure that you take care of yourself, eat well, exercise
if possible, get enough sleep (even if it’s on the couch), and take time to go out
with your friends, spend more quality time with the kids, or just spend some time alone.

When you’ve gone through this phase, you can start taking some steps that will
open up communication between the two of you and bring a resounding Yes! to the
question of “Will my wife ever love me again“?

You can start by asking her out on a quiet “date night” or a weekend away and
let her start talking to you about what she sees as the problem.
You don’t have to agree, just listen and let her have her say.
Follow her lead and don’t rush or pressure her to resolve all the challenges in one
evening or weekend.

Establish Boundaries In Romantic Relationships

March 27, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

The way to establish boundaries in romantic relationships is to know
yourself first.

Many romantic partners do not allow their complete indentity to
show through until after the relationship is established.

Moreover, some couples feel that there should not be any limits
to the access they have to one another.

It is in fact imperative that couples establish boundaries in
romantic relationships.

Because no matter how loving or intimate a marriage or marriage-like
relationship is; each of you is still and will always be a unique

Choosing to be in a marriage or long-term relationship does not
mean that you give up who you are.

It means that you bring your specialness to the other person and to
the union to form a new creation.
In creating and maintaining this new entity, you do not have to relinguish
your selfhood and should not expect or ask the other person to do so.

Establish Boundaries And Save The MarriageEstablish boundaries in romantic relationships or marriages with
the guide on the left.

Keeping a strong individual indentity does not mean you love your spouse any less.

Just the reverse is true!
It means you trust your mate enough to let them see and get to know
and love the real you. Strengths and weaknesses. Likes and dislikes.

Establishing boundaries and being yourself allows your life partner
to feel free and secure enough to be authentically themselves without fear of your rejection.
The strength of the relationship and the bond that holds you together should
be in your willingness to support each other, not because you own them.

Boundaries protect inside and outside the marriage!

You can establish your own personal space requirements and learn and accept
your partner’s as well.

One Boundaries To Establish Is In:


Couples expect and hope to be loved unconditionally in romantic relationships.
However, there are times when this ideal must not and cannot be maintained.
No one deserves to live with abuse!
If your spouse is abusing you and will not stop or seek help, then you must
protect yourself by establishing boundaries tot he extent of your self- love.

Blaming Yourself For Her Affair?

March 17, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Has your wife cheated and you want help to relief from the pain?
Do you want to go on together with her or alone ?
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Stop Blaming Yourself And Survive Her Affair

The Survive Her Affair System Here!

If you are one of those husbands who has been blaming himself
for your wife’s affair, then stop it right now!

It doesn’t make sense!
The relationship may have had its challenges, but when your wife
cheats that was totally her decision.

Having an adulterous affair is not an effective solution to
marital issues.
As a matter of fact it can only add a heap more of anger, jealousy
pain and  resentment.

Don’t allow your cheating wife to put the blame on you, no matter
how dysfunctional things had become in your relationship.

Don’t blame yourself either!
Because it is simply not true.

Blaming yourself for her affair is counter-productive because you can only
ever be responsible for your own actions and words in the relationship.

Do you want to get out of the “hell” and the vicious cycle of anger and
sadness that resulted from learning that your wife had an affair?

Want strategies to:
Get those painful images out of your head?
Get and enjoy a good night’s sleep again?
Save your marriage?
Learn to trust her again?
Recreate intimacy in your relationship?
Just know the right thing to do for you?

There is much information that gives advice and resources to wives
whose husbands cheated; but for men who have cheating wives,
not so much.

However, this Survive Her Affair System does an excellent job
of giving men clear and actionable strategies to follow to get
from complete devastation to recovery.
This system IS not theory; but actual experiential and hands on information
from a guy who has been through the painful and real-life experience of a cheating wife.

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has to say about why she had the affair then download your copy
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How To Revive Your Spirit After The Affair

March 3, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Have you cheated in your romantic relationship?
Does your wife think you don’t care anymore?

Sometimes it can seem as if the cheater is not
suffering over the affair and the pain he has
caused his spouse.
But sometimes he is suffering almost as much!


Shame and guilt will often break the cheater’s
heart and spirit.

The person who has been cheated on will most
likely be focused on dealing with their own
pain and anger and may not be ready to listen
to the cheater.

However, if you are to survive the affair together you will
have to make the effort to revive your spirit after the affair.
Survive Affair Here!
Do these 3 things to revive your spirit after the affair:

Apologize to your spouse, they might not feel like forgiving
you just yet; or ever.
However, if you are sorry for what you did, then you must
say so.

Say Goodbye To Your Affair Partner!

It is obvious, but you need to stop all contact with the
person with whom you cheated.

Then you must take care of yourself, emotionally,
physically and spiritually and wait for your spouse to
work with you to save your marriage; IF that is what
you have both decided to do.

An adulterous affair is a deal breaker for many married couples.
However, some marriages do manage to overcome this incredibly
painful event and rebuild a more engaged and loving relationship.
Could you?


Forgiveness For My Cheating Spouse

January 27, 2014 by Yvonne Finn

Forgiveness for my cheating spouse is admittedly not the first think that sprang to my
mind when I discovered his infidelity …

I was so angry and full of rage that I wanted to do him bodily harm.
So, I asked him to give me some space to process the hurtful feelings of rejection
and trauma to my self-esteem.

Before deciding to find forgiveness for my cheating spouse, I had to examine my
marriage to see if there was enough positive equity in the relationship to make the effort
to save it.

Don’t get me wrong I was not looking for ways to justify my husband’s cheating!

There is no justification for infidelity and he would have to agree to own his decision
to do so!

But marriage is for “better or for worse” and just because we have hit upon one of those
“worse” scenarios does not mean that I should just jump ship without seeing if the relationship
is worth saving.

Discover how you too can find forgiveness for your cheating spouse and put the adultery in the

The most important question you will face after you have decided to forgive your husband’s cheating is:

  • How can I forgive after they hurt me so badly?

Get help with that question in this marriage saving resource