Melt Your Man’s Heart To Get The Ring This Way

December 2, 2012 by Yvonne Finn

Melt your man’s heart to get the ring this way requires you to be

Whether you are on your first date or staring a new relationship;
have the courage to be yourself!

That does not mean you can OR SHOULD unload your entire life story in
one sitting, but there is a world of difference between being private and
being a liar or a fake.

If you are one of those women who feel that you have to lie
in order to melt your man’s heart and get the ring all I can say
is “Don’t do it!”

Lies have a way of being found out and pretending to be someone
you are not will have you always feeling insecure and on edge.

This will not put you in a good place to melt your man’s heart and get
the ring.


Instead, your partner will pickup on your tenseness
and because he is not able to determine what is
just “not right” he might reject the relationship
and of course you will also feel rejected.

Everyone wants to be seen in their best light, but pretending
to be what you are not is no way to accomplish this.

For example, some women worry about having had too
many romantic partners, so they lie and reduce the
numbers to what they consider to be:

  • More respectable
  • More acceptable

However, this can be damaging to the relationship and not worth the gamble.

Better to be upfront about the numbers of  your romantic partners and say you
are very discriminating and would not settle for less than you desire and deserve.

Your current love interest or new partner may or may not find these numbers acceptable, however, that will be their choice and at least you can move on
without fear of being found out and being rejected after you have much
more invested in the relationship.

When you lay the the ground work to melt your man’s heart and get the ring this
way you are building a much more realistic and dynamic relationship than one
built on fear and insecurity.

He Pulls Away Because You Changed

November 19, 2012 by Yvonne Finn

Are you telling yourself that he pulls away because he is a jerk
or afraid of commitment?

Some men do pull away for those reasons, but what if he emotionally pulls away because you have changed.

Far too many women feel that they have to be manipulative or not be themselves to get
a man to love and stay with them.

This  move is so wrong and so stupid, I cannot stress how foolish that idea is to a healthy long-term romantic relationship.

Whether you are a bitch or the nice girl next door you should respect your man enough to let him fall in love with the real you.
That way you will never again worry that he pulls away because you changed.

Why do you think men stay with women even though they seem to be bitchy or loud or demanding etc.
Well, it is because these women are real, they are themselves authentically and whether we like them are not, their men like and love them and that is the point.

These women have allowed their men to love them just the way they are.

What do you think would happen if these bitchy women had pretended to be little
miss sweet as spice?
How long do you think she could keep up that masquerade?
And what do you think usually happens when her man learns that he has a not so nice spouse or partner?

Unless he does something equally stupid, such as trying to change her, he might decide that it would be better if he pulls away because she has changed.

Men don’t pull away from women who do this!       

Have you heard this quote: “Our character is what we do when we think
no one is looking”?
Yeah, well… that wisdom can be applied to relationships as well.
You can get a good indication of the character of a potential
girlfriend/boyfriend by just observing what they do and how
they treat others when it “doesn’t matter.”

What they say is sometimes less important than how they say it.
In other words actions speak louder than words.

If you are faking, eventually you will slip up!
Let your man and indeed everyone, get to know, like and love the real you.
That way no one will pull away because you have changed.


These women never worry about their men pulling away.

3 Steps To Help You Save Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce After His Affair

November 2, 2012 by Yvonne Finn

Do you want to help you save your marriage and avoid divorce after his affair?

Because an affair is such a gut-wrenching event  some couples
are not successful in saving the marriage relationship.

However, many more do!

The first thing you need to do is to avoid the barrage of advice and
input that you will receive from friends and family.

As well intentioned as some of this advice might be it is not going to help
you sort out this private and painful situation.

Your relationship is between you and your husband and only the both of you can decide
if the marriage is worth saving.

Remember, marriage is a team effort!
You and your spouse makes up the team.

So what should you do first?

Step 1
Take time apart from your spouse if you need it.
Regardless of what he would like to see happen, you should do what
you feel will help you cope with the anger and excruciating emotional
pain that you are experiencing.
Don’t be pressured or rushed into communication with your husband if
you feel that what you say would only make matters worse.
Bitter words, no matter how justified cannot be unspoken and while they
might not be meant, can do irreparable harm to your already fragile relationship.

Step 2 When you are ready to talk with your husband, let him talk. Listen! While there is no excuse for his cheating and you are not to blame for his decision to do so, you must listen to his reasons for why he had the affair. Remember, as traumatic as it is, an affair is a  dramatic symptom that something
has gone very wrong in your marriage.
Since you want to save your marriage, avoid divorce and rebuild your relationship, you
need to know what is causing the malfunction and since neither of you is a mind
reader, communication is key.

Step 3
Decide what is salvageable and worth keeping in your marriage.
Focus on the wonderful qualities that brought you together in the first place.
What made you fall in love?
The affair, as devastating as it is, will not define your marriage,
if you don’t let it.
At this point you may not even have forgiven your husband for the affair,
but you both have decided to stay together and work on rebuilding love, trust and intimacy.
Avoid premature forgiving!
It is tempting to just try to sweep the affair under the proverbial rug,
but it wont stay there.
Do the work needed.

Make the effort to talk honestly and respectfully with one another.

And if you need objective and impartial input and guidance from
trained professionals get it,

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Have You Been Cheated On And Tortured By The Affair Images?

January 18, 2012 by Yvonne Finn

Have you been cheated on and tortured by the affair images in your marriage?

In a most unwelcome sense your spouse’s affair is the gift that keeps on giving!

Not only does the actual affair cause terrible and excruciating emotional
pain, but those horrible affair images can haunt your every waking moment
and even your dreams.

Being cheated on and tortured by those affair images is debilitating
and dis-empowering, but there are steps you can take to build yourself
up again.

You might feel that your marriage is loveless but before you toss
it away like so many others do, why not do a bit of saving work

The Marriage Savior System has worked for many couples
and you could be a success story too!

It is never over until it is over, so go ahead do yourself
and your marriage a big favor and grab a copy today!

So, if you have been tortured by affair images and other
unwelcome thoughts of his affair why not>>

Begin Saving Your Marriage Here!

If you do not know why, then you cannot stop it!

You might be surprised to learn that often when a spouse
expresses interest in a divorce, he may either not fully
understand his reasons or may not be totally honest
with you about them.

While this is understandable, if your
goal is to stay together, then you need ways
to get to the truth.

Non-confrontational and non-blaming ways work better
for obvious reasons.

When someone feel criticized and judged they tend to
become defensive, closed off and even angry.
Since, that attitude will not be productive you must find
a better way to communicate.

Try this!


Prevent Your Marriage From Becoming Stale

January 5, 2012 by Yvonne Finn

All of us take precautions to prevent food from becoming stale!
We update our looks and our home decor regularly.

But what about our marriage?
What can you do to prevent your marriage from becoming stale and boring?

Here are 5 reasons that cause your marriage to become stale:

  • Boredom
  • Lack of similar interests
  • Clogged communication
  • Injured intimacy
  • Other stress points outside the marriage

Boredom is caused by unrealistic expectations of one or both spouses who
thought that the marriage would take care of itself without any effort on their
Many couples feel that the wedding day is the marriage and have no plan of
action to ensure that the  relationship remains dynamic and exciting.

Lack of similar or shared interests can destroy your union and the closeness
that is part of this unique relationship.
That does not mean that the both of you have to be “joined at the hip” or have no
individual activities away from each other.
It is necessary to establish a balance in this and all areas of your relationship!

Clogged communication is often the biggest contributing factor in marriages
that become stale.

Prevent your marriage from becoming stale by treating each other with honest
and respectful dialogue.
Unresolved resentments and misunderstandings can lead to anger and “silent
treatments” which does nothing to strengthened the marriage bond.

Injured intimacy can contribute to a stale marriage!
Are you one of those couples who think that just because you are having sex
that you have intimacy?
While sex is a part of marital intimacy, there is so much to being intimate.
Do you share thoughts and feeling that you would never share with anyone
We all change and grow and want to be known and appreciated, so check in
with each other to find out about these changes.
Don’t assume or take each other for granted!

Other stress points in your relationship can become destructive,
especially if one spouse feels isolated and disconnected
from the marriage.
If your partner is experiencing some difficulties at work or health issues and do
not feel they can share it with you, then your marriage could become
The danger of that is of course that they might turn outside the marriage
the support and understanding that they need.

Take an honest look at your relationship to see if you need to make adjustments
to prevent your marriage from becoming stale…


Prevent Your Marriage From Becoming Stale

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How To Avoid Divorce Until YOU Are Ready

December 23, 2011 by Yvonne Finn


You can avoid divorce if you work at it...

Remember that how to save your marriage and avoid divorce is in your
hands and power.
Your marriage is ultimately a relationship between you and your
spouse, so irrespective of other people’s input the decision to
stay together or divorce rest with the two of you alone.
Help You Save Your Marriage

Here are 3 steps to consider doing to avoid a divorce until you are sure
that you’re ready:

Step 1: Get Your Marriage into the Best Shape Possible

Are you wondering whether or not you  have done everything you can to
save your relationship?
Then why not make sure to get your marriage into the best shape possible before
making a decision to divorce.
This way, you will have a true picture of what you are really giving up should
you decide that you are no longer able to avoid a divorce.

Uncovering and re-experiencing the good in your marriage will help you to make
a more informed choice about what you are leaving behind.

Step 2: Set the Clock

As you work to  avoid a divorce until you are ready, set an imaginary alarm
clock for yourself that will go off at a designated time that you choose!
It could be a few months from now or a year.
When that clock’s alarm sounds, reassess and decide whether to stay, leave, or reset
the clock for an extension.

This will help you find the strength to put out a good effort if you know it’s only for a
limited period of time, not forever. Most of us can do almost anything if it’s time-limited.


Step 3: Give it Your Personal All

Since this is your last ditch effort, give it your all by being the best spouse you can
be during this time—regardless of how your spouse acts.
That way you will know that you have done your best to avoid a divorce until
you are ready.
If it comes down to a divorce, your conscience can rest easy that you really put
forth your best effort.

While you’re at it, avoid using the “divorce” word until the alarm you have set is
going off, or you know the relationship isn’t going to work.
In the meantime, act like a family together and assume your relationship is going to last.

Especially now at this Christmas Season, why not enjoy this wonderful time together as it
might be the last time to do so if you eventually decide that a divorce cannot be avoided.

My best to you as you work to save your marriage and wrestle with the divorce question.

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Have you considered divorce? If so, what do you see as the pros and cons?

Is your marriage, given the circumstances, in the best possible shape for you to make
such a decision?

Are you worn out from your efforts and struggling to find the strength to go on?

Please share your ideas and personal experiences on this topic with other members
of the community.

Wishing you hope and healing for your marriage!
Your Relationship Whisperer

Break Free From The Affair

December 21, 2011 by Yvonne Finn

While the idea of how to break free from the affair might not be the first
thought going through your mind after learning that your spouse has cheated
on you, that is exactly what you must learn how to do if
your marriage is to survive the affair.

Immediately after finding out about the affair you will
feel as if you have been kicked in the gut.

You will experience negative emotions ranging from
anger to depression, fear and shame and everything
in between.

Break Free From The Affair will help you understand
that the fear and pain are normal.
You are neither crazy, nor going crazy! And, you are not alone.

The logical reaction to the betrayal of your spouse’s affair is PAIN.

Your sense of self has just been dealt a near death blow of hurt and
rejection and you will need time to grieve.

There are 7 types of affairs and Break Free From The Affair will help
you figure out what type has invaded your marriage and how to go forward.

You will then have a roadmap to survive the affair and save your marriage
if you choose to!

Once you have gathered yourself emotionally and the pain and fear has
subsided you will want to take correct actions to save your marriage
and affair-proof your relationship.

In working to Break Free From The Affair you might just be surprised
and delighted with the person you become.

You will learn how strong and resilient you really are and how much
internal power you can draw on when you need to.

In Break Free From The Affair you will learn how to:

  • Find direction and guidance
  • Rebuild the trust
  • Move through the infidelity quickly

In 5 minutes you can have step-by-step instructions that you can start
using immediately to Break Free From The Affair and take back your marriage.

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