Take Back My Marriage Even After He Cheated.

November 8, 2011

I need to take back my marriage even after he cheated. When you discover that he cheated on you it will be like a kick in the gut! The shock, anger and blind rage can be so raw that you may not even know how to respond and that might be a good thing. Because, […]

Your Husband Cheated And Wants To Apologize, But….

July 18, 2011

Your husband cheated on you and wants to apologize … but you just can’t shut up long enough to listen to him. Your constant stream of angry words and feelings of bitter resentment towards him might feel like the only way to protect your wounded and tender heart after learning that he has cheated on you and betrayed both you […]

Why Women Accept A Cheating Husband?

May 20, 2011

Women accept a cheating husband because they love him and they married for “better or for worse”. Couples tend to forget about the downside of the marriage vows hoping only for all the good and positive stuff of the relationship. Many couples are writing their own wedding vows, but as a caution, they should remember to include that […]

How To Get Your Husband Back After He Has Cheated

May 14, 2011

If you are wondering how to get your husband back after he has cheated then here are 3 things to do starting now. The first thing you must do, is to insist that your husband breaks all ties with the other woman. Now you might say that this is obvious, but sometimes your husband will want to be […]