I Want Help To Get Past My Husband’s Infidelity To Save The Marriage

January 22, 2014

Many women say, “I want help to get past my husband’s infidelity to save the marriage”  but then they sabotage this very personal and life-changing decision by turning to the wrong people for advice. For some marriages cheating, adultery, infidelity or whatever name you give it is a dealbreaker that spells the demise of the […]

Survive An Affair – Special

September 9, 2013

Survive An Affair — (Secure Order Form) Order Today and Start Your Journey To Trust! Crucial For Those Who Uncovered the Affair Have you … Been Ripped Apart by An Affair!   How to Save Your Relationship if You’ve Cheated on Your Spouse:  Critical Actions You MUST Take to Avoid the Devastation from a Breakup […]

Have You Been Cheated On And Tortured By The Affair Images?

January 18, 2012

Have you been cheated on and tortured by the affair images in your marriage? In a most unwelcome sense your spouse’s affair is the gift that keeps on giving! Not only does the actual affair cause terrible and excruciating emotional pain, but those horrible affair images can haunt your every waking moment and even your […]

Take Back My Marriage Even After He Cheated.

November 8, 2011

I need to take back my marriage even after he cheated. When you discover that he cheated on you it will be like a kick in the gut! The shock, anger and blind rage can be so raw that you may not even know how to respond and that might be a good thing. Because, […]

Surviving Infidelity And The Ensuing Emotional Trauma To Save Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce

September 29, 2011

Have you been a victim of infidelity in your marriage? Then you know that surviving infidelity and the ensuing emotional trauma to save your marriage and avoid divorce will take time and hard work. Some people will feel numb, but that does not last, though they might wish it would. After the numbness wears off […]

How To Survive An Affair – My Review

June 3, 2011

This marriage saving program provides hands on and step by step guidance to help you learn how to survive an affair. After your marriage has been devastated by an affair you might feel humiliated, enraged and bitter and cannot see any way to save your relationship. However,  how to survive an affair is written for and have helped thousands […]

Why Women Accept A Cheating Husband?

May 20, 2011

Women accept a cheating husband because they love him and they married for “better or for worse”. Couples tend to forget about the downside of the marriage vows hoping only for all the good and positive stuff of the relationship. Many couples are writing their own wedding vows, but as a caution, they should remember to include that […]