Make Your Spouse Talk

March 23, 2016

Make your spouse talk to you is a misnomer as you cannot actually ‘MAKE “anyone talk with you unless you use force. I am sure you WILL not resort to that! However, the easiest way to get your spouse to open up and communicate with you is through positive “talking” on your side. How to […]

Prevent Your Marriage From Becoming Stale

January 5, 2012

All of us take precautions to prevent food from becoming stale! We update our looks and our home decor regularly. But what about our marriage? What can you do to prevent your marriage from becoming stale and boring? Here are 5 reasons that cause your marriage to become stale: Boredom Lack of similar interests Clogged communication Injured intimacy Other stress […]

How To Avoid Divorce Until YOU Are Ready

December 23, 2011

  Remember that how to save your marriage and avoid divorce is in your hands and power. Your marriage is ultimately a relationship between you and your spouse, so irrespective of other people’s input the decision to stay together or divorce rest with the two of you alone. Help You Save Your Marriage Here are […]

Rational Communication After Your Spouse Cheated

July 14, 2011

Rational communication after your spouse cheated on you is imperative if you plan to save your marriage. In the immediate aftermath of learning of the cheating, you will most likely be so angry and hurt; that rational thought and civilized expression may seem beyond your capabilities. And you will feel justified in calling your spouse […]