A Blog For Couples Who Want To Stay Together Even After Adultery

April 11, 2013

A blog FOR COUPLES WHO WANT TO STAY together even after adultery in their marriage. I would think that it is obvious that not all marriages traumatized by an affair ends up in divorce court. Although adultery is still cited as the the leading cause of marriage breakdown many couples still manage to work through […]

Discover 3 Critical Steps To Rebuilding Love Right Now

January 19, 2013

Discover 3 critical steps to rebuilding love right now even if your spouse says they no longer love you, and you feel more like enemies than friends. You may be wondering what chance is there for turning the relationship around and restoring the love? (The love may NOT  really be dead… more on how that’s […]

Why Does My Marriage Feel Stuck After His Affair

December 9, 2011

Are you asking yourself “why does my marriage feel stuck after his affair?” Unfortunately, just deciding to stay in your marriage will not magically reverse the terrible blow inflicted on you and your relationship and you will very often feel lost as to how to go forward. You have answered the first question, “is my […]

You Can Really Infidelity Proof Your Marriage

November 25, 2011

You can really infidelity proof you marriage because it is one of the most satisfying relationship in your life – or at least it should be that way! Apart from the relationship you have with your god and yourself this is a union that you hope with last for all your life and that is […]

Making My Marriage Whole Again After An Affair

November 4, 2011

Making my marriage whole again after an affair- Kelly’s story. Theirs was a story book wedding, planned to perfection and went off perfectly and dreamlike. It was love at first sight and only a long and happy marriage lay ahead. Isn’t that what all couples envision? Well, Kelly and Kyle were no different, they had […]

Rebuilding Physical Intimacy And Rapport After A Sexual Betrayal

November 1, 2011

Rebuilding physical intimacy and rapport after a sexual betrayal is integral to re-creating a dynamic marriage. For some marriages cheating can be so devastatingly damaging that the relationship might not survive. Having said that, there are many, many couples who manage to weather that storm and come out even more committed than they were before […]

Surviving Infidelity And The Ensuing Emotional Trauma To Save Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce

September 29, 2011

Have you been a victim of infidelity in your marriage? Then you know that surviving infidelity and the ensuing emotional trauma to save your marriage and avoid divorce will take time and hard work. Some people will feel numb, but that does not last, though they might wish it would. After the numbness wears off […]