How To Revive Your Spirit After The Affair

March 3, 2014

Have you cheated in your romantic relationship? Does your wife think you don’t care anymore? Sometimes it can seem as if the cheater is not suffering over the affair and the pain he has caused his spouse. But sometimes he is suffering almost as much!   Shame and guilt will often break the cheater’s heart […]

Can You Survive The Affair Together ?

September 26, 2013

Can you survive the affair together or more importantly, do you want to? You see I have learned that free individuals can pretty much accomplish anything they want strongly enough. So, the question then becomes “Do you want to get past the affair and save your marriage”? Is your love stronger than the affair? Is […]

Has Your Spouse Said They Do Not Love You Anymore

August 3, 2013

Has your spouse said they do not love you anymore and you are reeling from the pain and shock of hearing this because you still love them and want to save your marriage? Do not give up hope! The love your spouse once felt for you might not really be dead … just buried under […]

Surviving The Affair Will Be Harder If You Skip This Step

February 17, 2013

Surviving the affair will be harder if you skip this step so you would be wise to learn what it is! Sounds simple, however, an adulterous affair is a traumatic and gut- wrenching event that can leave you feeling so angry and resentful that it can literally feel as if you are losing your mind […]

Discover 3 Critical Steps To Rebuilding Love Right Now

January 19, 2013

Discover 3 critical steps to rebuilding love right now even if your spouse says they no longer love you, and you feel more like enemies than friends. You may be wondering what chance is there for turning the relationship around and restoring the love? (The love may NOT  really be dead… more on how that’s […]

Prevent Your Marriage From Becoming Stale

January 5, 2012

All of us take precautions to prevent food from becoming stale! We update our looks and our home decor regularly. But what about our marriage? What can you do to prevent your marriage from becoming stale and boring? Here are 5 reasons that cause your marriage to become stale: Boredom Lack of similar interests Clogged communication Injured intimacy Other stress […]

How To Avoid Divorce Until YOU Are Ready

December 23, 2011

  Remember that how to save your marriage and avoid divorce is in your hands and power. Your marriage is ultimately a relationship between you and your spouse, so irrespective of other people’s input the decision to stay together or divorce rest with the two of you alone. Help You Save Your Marriage Here are […]