Rebuilding Physical Intimacy And Rapport After A Sexual Betrayal

November 1, 2011

Rebuilding physical intimacy and rapport after a sexual betrayal is integral to re-creating a dynamic marriage. For some marriages cheating can be so devastatingly damaging that the relationship might not survive. Having said that, there are many, many couples who manage to weather that storm and come out even more committed than they were before […]

4 Tips To Help Save Your Marriage Relationship

October 24, 2011

Use these 4 tips  to help save your marriage. They may seem simple and commonsensical but could have a profound effect in helping you rebuild your relationship. The first tip is to stop arguing! Regardless of who is “right” just decide not to argue over every little situation. Instead of talking at each other, call […]

Your Husband Cheated And Wants To Apologize, But….

July 18, 2011

Your husband cheated on you and wants to apologize … but you just can’t shut up long enough to listen to him. Your constant stream of angry words and feelings of bitter resentment towards him might feel like the only way to protect your wounded and tender heart after learning that he has cheated on you and betrayed both you […]

Can Your Relationship Survive An Adulterous Affair

July 5, 2011

Can your relationship survive an adulterous affair? Unfortunately some don’t! Could yours? Why do some couples manage to struggle through the pain, anger and shame of an adulterous affair and not only save their marriage, but go on to recreate a relationship that is even more dynamic than the one they previously had? Well, the foundation on […]

Your BluePrint For Saving Your Marriage On Your Own

June 29, 2011

Your blueprint for saving your marriage on your own is for couples who want to discover the steps that will guide them through this delicate process of fixing what has been broken … FREE Report: Alternative to Marriage Counseling Download this FREE alternative to marriage counseling report from Marriage Sherpa. Add your name and email […]

We Can Work It Out: After The Affair

June 27, 2011

What does it take to work it out and save your marriage? There are probably many different strategies and tools to help you survive an affair, but ultimately it will take your attitude and decision to work through the pain and shame and reconcile with your spouse. Will it be easy? No! Will it take […]

How To Survive An Affair And Stay Together

June 22, 2011

How to survive an affair and stay together is information and resources for couples who are: In crisis in their marriages And want to find helpful advice to get past the damage that infidelity has done to their relationship. In our current society men and women have adulterous affair for all kinds of reasons. However, […]